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Homage/Disruption— Flying Rabbit (2022)
Denny Berthiaume, Solo Piano

With My Heart in a Song— Flying Rabbit (2020)
Denny Berthiaume, Solo Piano

I'll Be Seeing You— Flying Rabbit (2019)
Denny Berthiaume, Solo Piano

All My Friends Love Jazz— Flying Rabbit (2019)
Denny Berthiaume, Piano
Chuck Bennett, Bass

Music of the Night— Flying Rabbit (2018)
Denny Berthiaume, Solo Piano

A Time and Place for Us— Flying Rabbit (2017)
Désirée Goyette, Denny Berthiaume

Jazz Impressions of The Wizard Of Oz— Flying Rabbit (2016)
The Trio

Jazz Impressions of Peer Gynt — Flying Rabbit (2016)

Memories — Flying Rabbit (2016)
Denny Berthiaume,
Solo Piano

Three Musicians — Summit Records (2016)

The Bill Belasco Trio:
Bill Belasco, Drums
Denny Berthiaume, Keyboards
Chuck Bennett, Bass

West Side Story — Flying Rabbit (2015)
Denny Berthiaume &
Dave Bendigkeit

Calling You — Flying Rabbit (2014)
Denny Berthiaume &
Catherine Seidel

The Bad & The Beautiful— Flying Rabbit (2013)
Denny Berthiaume & Jeff Buenz

Solar Plexus #5 (2011)
Solar Plexus

Jazz Kidzz (2011)
The Trio

Fascinating Rhythms (2011)

In Your Living Room (2010)
Denny Berthiaume & Dave Bendigkeit

if you and i awakening—Open Path Music (2008)
An E. E. Cummings Song Cycle

America—Flying Rabbit (2008)
Trio plays the songs of Paul Simon

Love Ya, Mean It—Flying Rabbit (2007)

Prayer For Peace—Flying Rabbit (2007)

One for the Road—Flying Rabbit (2007)

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams—Flying Rabbit (2007)

Love on Track—Flying Rabbit (2005)

Departure—Through the Trees (2005)

Departure—The Open Path (2005)

Twelve Songs—OpenPath (2003)

NEVER LET ME GO (with Maye Cavallaro)—Redhead (1998)

You & Me (with Terry Summa)—Independent (1996)

Sentimental Journey—Sugo SR 9672 (1996)

Earth Songs—Inner City IC 1087 (1980)

Solar Plexus—Inner City IC 1067 (1979)

Voices—Evidence Music (1976)

Solar Plexus—Evidence music (1975)